I really think that football is fun because it is a very engertic sport. I think that it can really knock you into shape. I think it can help you can respect from people from your teamates and even people who aren't even on the team. I think it can help people to look up to you, and it can probly effect the way u act to people or yourself.

Many people think that football is a very bad sport or dangerous i don't really think so. I am very addicted to the sport and i think that every body should like the sport. I look forword to watching football games and anxious when the season is about to start. I don't like it when the season ends because i think that it is to short but i understand it because the sport can take a beating on people. I just really like the sport it very ammusing and fun.There are many football teams in the U.S.A.,and my favorite football team is the Pittspurg Steelers. They are in my opinion the best football team there is. I would like to play football when im in college and try out for the pros. I want to go tp Pen State for college and try out for there football team. It be amazing to make that dream come to and make my parents very happy for me and my cousins would be very proud for me.

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